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Free Fire
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Free Fire
Free Fire
Free Fire
Free Fire
Free Fire

[New event - The Chaos] Vote for bizarre incidents to take place in the matches, including out-of-control plane routes and genetically modified mushrooms!
[NexTerra 2.0] Map-balancing adjustments and significant file size reduction. Zipway reworked and added to CS-Ranked.
[New Character - Ryden] The genius releases a robot spider that limits enemy movement and inflicts damage over time.
[Improved battle feedback] Enhanced the sound effects for knockdown streaks and visual effects for headshots

Shooting range increased
Sight adjustment
No recoil

7.3(9865 votes)


It is one of the most popular third-person shooters for mobile devices and PC. The game features 50 players who compete against each other on an island with the goal of surviving to the end. Players choose a place to land, collect equipment, weapons, and fight each other during short and dynamic matches that usually last about 10 minutes. It's important to stay inside a safe zone or your character will be killed.

Players can move around the map in various modes of transportation, use tactics such as hiding in trenches, tunnels, and tall grass to catch their enemies off guard. It's also important to collect resources, including weapons, armor, ammo, and medical supplies, as well as loot other players for better ammunition.

"Free Fire" also supports team mode, where you can play in a team of four players and collaborate with them through chat and voice communication to develop tactics and strategies that will help you achieve victory. This game has become very popular due to its dynamic and fast game mechanics, as well as the ability to compete with other players online.

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  1. Brawl Mine
    Brawl Mine
    2 July 2020 10:21
    Что делать я скачал мод на меню и фри фаер захожу в мод меню не рабит

    крч у меня пишет No such directory шо делать
  2. Harun
    28 June 2020 22:09
    Админ что делать если нет в настройках
    Всплывающее экрана?
    1. Андрей
      29 June 2020 01:11
      Xiaomi ?
      1. Данияр Султанов
        Данияр Султанов
        12 October 2020 20:51
        А где сам чит апк файл же не чит?!
  3. Юрій Морозюк
    Юрій Морозюк
    27 June 2020 22:15
    Підкажіть як встановити мод на розбан або скиньте інструкцію плиз

    В мене не робить мод
  4. Кирилл Кирьянов
    Некий Читер
    27 June 2020 00:27
    Я скачал мод меню и версию, но ничего не работает, что дальше?
  5. Дима Бро
    22 June 2020 00:38
    Просит обновить. Когда новая версия?
    1. Андрей
      28 June 2020 13:40
      Слежу за обновлениями, как только будет рабочая новая версия, сразу выложу