War After: PvP Shooter
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War After: PvP Shooter
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War After: PvP шутер War After: PvP шутер War After: PvP шутер War After: PvP шутер War After: PvP шутер

  • New map “Sewerage” is added to the game.
  • Parameters of different weapons have been improved. Gunplay has become more comfortable and realistic.
  • Various visual and sound effects have been optimized and improved.
  • Different small bugs have been fixed.

  • Unlimited ammo;
  • No reloads.

5.7(21 votes)


War After: PvP Shooter is a team-based first-person shooter with gorgeous 3D graphics, real-time firefights and a rich arsenal of advanced weapons. Players are invited to take part in short matches with three main tasks: teamfighting, capturing points and fight to the death. The last mode implies that all players fight for themselves, no allies, shoot anyone you can spot or be destroyed. Locations, as well as the players are chosen at random. The maps are a lot of places where you can hide, ambush and shoot from cover. Movement is done with the classic virtual joystick, swipes allow you to aim, and sets of buttons are needed to change weapons, reload, throw a grenade and use the first aid kit. The latter are limited, use them only at the most critical moments and look under your feet, enemies can plant mines and stretch bombs. Each battle lasts only a few minutes, or until one side scores a specified number of points. Victories unlock achievements and earn ranking points and in-game currency. In the in-game store with the proceeds you can buy new guns and equipment for his soldier: extra first aid kits, grenades, armor and helmets with increased strength. The arsenal of weapons is incredibly diverse and besides the usual pistols and a few kinds of knives, gamers get access to shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles and shotguns. Each gun has its own indicators for damage, rate of fire, ammo, accuracy and range. In any case it is best to aim at the head of your enemies and do not hesitate, otherwise you'll go back to your base.  Win, earn points and climb the ranking table, trying to take the first line and become the best in the world.

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