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Free Fire
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Free Fire
Free Fire
Free Fire
Free Fire
Free Fire

[Guild 2.0] Play matches with guildmates to level up your guild and earn rewards!
[Guild Wars] Put your teamwork and fighting skills to the test against other guilds.
[Battle Royale Adjustments] More ways to earn FF Coins and better economy balance. New items to assist your battles.
[Snow in Bermuda] On top of blankets of snow, water surfaces on the island have turned into ice for diverse fighting experiences.
[New Character - Ignis] Forms a flaming screen that obstructs view and burns enemies.

Shooting range increased
Sight adjustment
No recoil

7.4(8812 votes)


It is a popular third-person shooter for mobile devices and PC. The game features 50 players competing against each other on an island with the goal of surviving to the end. Players choose a place to land, collect equipment, weapons, and fight each other during short and dynamic matches that usually last about 10 minutes. It's important to stay inside a safe zone or your character will take damage.

Players can move around the map in various modes of transportation, use tactics such as hiding in trenches, tunnels and tall grass to ambush their enemies. It's also important to collect resources, including weapons, armor, ammo, and medkits, as well as loot other players for better ammunition.

"Free Fire" also supports team mode, where you can play in a team of four players and collaborate with them through chat and voice communication to develop tactics and strategies that will help you achieve victory. This game has become very popular due to its dynamic and fast game mechanics, as well as the ability to compete with other players online.

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  1. Michael Koval
    Michael Koval
    6 July 2022 20:06
    Толку от него, установите р только в режиме клетки и будете играть, в остальные режимы вас не пустит игра, бесконечное ожидание. Ерунда, не качайте
    1. Андрей
      7 July 2022 15:47
      он дает доступ к ранговым матчам
  2. Demon _Vol4ara
    Demon _Vol4ara
    22 February 2022 16:26
    [s][/s]Этот чит не работает надо его обновить но он не обновляеться и на эмулятор пк он работает нужен CX проводник
    1. Demon _Vol4ara
      Demon _Vol4ara
      22 February 2022 16:27
      /sНо полибому не обновляеться
      1. Андрей
        22 February 2022 16:55
        полибому ты прав
  3. Dark Angels
    Dark Angels
    28 January 2022 08:13
    Как скачать патчер если он не скачивается и куда вставлять кэш вставил во все папки удалял если не получилось и не как
  4. Dark Angels
    Dark Angels
    27 January 2022 20:27
    Это оригинал или отдельный сервер
    1. Андрей
      27 January 2022 21:44
  5. Dark Angels
    Dark Angels
    27 January 2022 20:24
    Патчер меню не скачивается синтаксическая ошибка да же при скачивании через SAI