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Call of Duty: Mobile
(МОД МЕНЮ + читы) 1.0.45

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Call of Duty: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile

Open a new chapter of Call of Duty®: Mobile in Season 1 of A Soldier's Story! Prepare for grim chaos on the new Atrium online map! Purchase the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass and burst onto the scene as the epic Claw in the form of the Motu Nui with the AGR-556 Clutch Breaker or the epic Cipher in the form of the Hatter's Smile with the ICR-1 Witch's Gift! Immerse yourself in a world of dark fantasy!

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Are you ready for an exciting battle royale where a hundred fighters will come together in an incredible fight? Or maybe you prefer dynamic one-minute wall-to-wall battles with five desperate fighters? Maybe you're ready to confront waves of zombies, using your tactical skills in a battle of infantry against walking menaces?

All of these exciting adventures await you in the completely free Call of Duty Mobile! It's not just a game, it's a gorgeous experience with console-level graphics available right on your smartphone. Flexible control settings allow you to customize the game to your style, making you a true pro in the world of virtual combat.

But that's not all! Voice chat will give your actions additional strategic depth, allowing your team to discuss tactics or morally crush your opponents. Text chat opens the door to new battle buddies with whom you can fight epic battles.

And don't forget about the amazing sound that immerses you in the atmosphere of battle. Don't miss your chance to plunge into the virtual world of a cool online shooter right now! Your opponents are already waiting at any time - are you ready for the challenge?

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  1. Илья Мохов
    Илья Мохов
    5 August 2021 01:21
    Нашёл одну только ссылку и то она отправляется в гулял плей
  2. Илья Мохов
    Илья Мохов
    5 August 2021 01:18
    Где ссылка на скачивание
  3. Сергей Огнев
    Сергей Огнев
    28 February 2021 01:28
    Обновите пожалуйсто игру call of duty mobile
    1. Андрей
      28 February 2021 02:17
      а где ты обновление увидел?
      1. Сергей Огнев
        Сергей Огнев
        28 February 2021 11:33
        Так сейчас call of duty версия 1.0.19. А не 1.0.17.
        1. Андрей
          28 February 2021 17:06
          Так на сайте последняя 1.0.19. если ты про мод, то стоило уточнять. Мода последней версии нет
  4. Hatim Assasin
    Hatim Assasin
    3 October 2020 13:15
    Is this latest version
  5. Ruslan
    24 August 2020 23:53
    Почему только taiwan другую невозможна ?