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Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo
Bullet Echo


The update contains:

It's your personal hall of fame – display your legacy, look for secret achievements, and finally let your downed opponents see who made it happen.

Fight gameplay is now even more diverse! Battle upgrades are now split into 3 types according to their power. Crates are unique battle containers with battle upgrades and other helpful stuff.

A long list of interface improvements is onboard.

Check it out!

Много денег
Use Bullets instead of Skills

6.1(326 votes)


Bullet Echo mod - an original shooter with a top view, where we are waiting for real-time shootouts. You need to move silently through the gloomy locations, find enemies and destroy them. The point of this action lies in the massacre of terrorists, which are other gamers from around the world. Start with the training, where familiarize with the control, the main buttons and skills of the main character. The character moves thanks to the virtual joystick, swipes are responsible for turns, and shooting is conducted in automatic mode when pointing at the target. Ammunition is not infinite, they will have to be replenished, however, as well as first aid kits. Additional armor will give the hero temporary invulnerability, and new guns will give the protagonist confidence. Abilities increase the accuracy of shooting, increase the capacity of the magazine, change the type of shells and make the character invisible. The game in some ways resembles mod PUBG Mobile with cheats for aim, without recoil when firing and flash when changing the current weapon. The gameplay itself is exactly like popular projects in the battle royal genre, where the map narrows down and eventually there is only one survivor. Victories in battles bring coins, crystals, chests and cards with new fighters and useful boosters.

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    24 September 2021 14:42
    Не работает ((((
  2. Pablo
    23 September 2021 16:19
    работает мод