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Battlefield Mobile is a team-based first-person shooter with console-level graphics, multiple game modes, and a rich map selection. Try your hand at being a medic, scout, support or attack hero, each class is unique and has certain features to consider during combat. Create your own style of play and help your team win. The action boasts extensive maps with a detailed picture, a rich arsenal of upgradable weapons and various items of equipment. The gameplay of the game is much like the famous shooter Call of Duty: Mobile, where you also expect the exchange of fire in real time. During the match gamers can use not only the found weapons, but also all the military equipment located on the locations. Powerful armored vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, tanks and even helicopters are available. One of the main features of the game is destructible objects, which adds realism to the shooter and immerses you in the gameplay. Between fights it is worth spending the accumulated currency to buy new guns and upgrades. If desired, you can change the appearance of the fighter, picking up unique skins and other elements of customization. Battlefield Mobile you can free download on our website at high speed

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