Manual Root Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Manual Root Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

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Preparatory process.
  1. Copy all photos, music and other data stored in the device memory to a PC or memory card, as they will be deleted later.
  2. If the bootloader on your device is locked, then unlock it - How to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi.
  3. Download the archive with the necessary set of tools to your computer –
  4. Downloading the archive to a PC –
  5. Download and install the drivers for your smartphone on your computer – Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Basic Actions.
  1. The first thing you should do is unlock the bootloader according to the instructions in the second step of the preparatory process.
  2. On the phone, go to Settings - About phone - look for MIUI version and tap it 8 times. A pop-up message should appear telling you that you are now a developer. If you have done this before, a message will appear saying that you are already a developer and you should not tap on the MIUI version anymore.
  3. Go to Settings - Advanced - For Developers and activate the "OEM unlock" item, as shown in the screenshot below.
  4. In the menu For Developers, activate the item "USB debugging".
  5. On the PC in the root directory of the local drive C create a folder named "adb" and copy into it archive with files for your device (point 3 of the preparatory process), extract files from the archive, should turn out as in the screenshot below.
  6. Connect the smartphone to the PC with a USB cable, go to the folder with all the files from the previous paragraph and run the command.bat file, and then enter the command:
    adb devices
    This will check if the device is properly connected to the computer
  7. On your smartphone, you need to switch to Fastboot mode, and you can do this in two ways:

    Variant 1
    Enter the command:
    adb reboot bootloader
    and wait for the device to reboot and automatically enter Fastboot mode.

    Variant 2
    Turn off your smartphone completely. Simultaneously press and hold the two "power" and "volume down" buttons. You should see Fastboot and the company logo on the screen.
  8. Go back to the PC, connect the device via USB (if it was disconnected from the computer), in the folder with all the files find and run install.bat, which will automatically install the TWRP custom recovers.
  9. After installing the custom recovers, the device should automatically boot into it (TWRP). If this does not happen, then turn off the smartphone and simultaneously press and hold the "power" and "volume up" buttons until you enter the recovery mode.
  10. After booting into TWRP, you need to swipe from left to right to unlock the device.
  11. In order to install Magisk correctly it is necessary to clear the internal memory of the device. Remember that all data will be deleted and if you didn't read the instructions carefully, pay attention to the first point of the preparatory process.
  12. To clear the data, click on Wipe - Format Data - In the window that appears, enter "yes" and click on the check mark to confirm your action.
  13. After the cleaning process, return to the main menu and click on the Reboot tile next to Recovery and wait for the device to reboot.
  14. Connect the smartphone to the PC (if you disconnected it) and copy the Magisk archive from the PC to the memory of the device. Step 4 of the preparatory process.
  15. Go back to the phone and select the Install tile, then find the copied Magisk archive and click on it. Swipe from the left side of the screen to the right and wait for the installation process to complete.
  16. It remains to reboot the OS by pressing the Reboot System button.
  17. After starting the device, find Magisk among the installed applications and run it. A window will appear telling you to perform the advanced installation, click "Ok", the device will reboot.
  18. After powering on, you can run Magisk again to make sure it is working.
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