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FRAG Pro Shooter
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FRAG Pro Shooter FRAG Pro Shooter FRAG Pro Shooter FRAG Pro Shooter FRAG Pro Shooter FRAG Pro Shooter

Сезон 21! Во имя леса!
- Новые перенастроенные бойцы: Капитан Полюс и Наутика!
- Новое событие сообщества: восстановите карту «Водопады» и выступите вместе против вырубки лесов, сажая настоящие деревья!
- Визуальные эффекты многих бойцов обновлены!
- Также мы перенастроили баланс и исправили ошибки.

Purchases do not take away, but increase coins and crystals

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FRAG Pro Shooter is a multiplayer shooter in a cartoon version with a first-person view. Players are offered several modes: competitive format, where the winner takes away experience points, chests with valuable currency and cards of new heroes; 2 on 2, where you need to work together with your partner to defeat other players; street fight offers short intense battles with other gamers in a limited area with fast revival and reduced time to reuse abilities; cargo, you need to prevent the advancement of enemy cargo, while protecting your own. Each of the proposed formats is unique and gives unforgettable emotions. There are quite a few characters in the game, each of which belongs to a certain class: attack, defense, base, center and joker. All of them have a number of abilities and skills that will help your team to crush your opponents. For example, tanks have increased health and have an energy barrier that absorbs all incoming damage. Attack characters deal significantly more critical damage to enemies and are able to take out the enemy's favorite hero. Support has health packs to restore health to all allies, which will be useful in protracted battles. Choose different tactics, combine the skills of squad members, crush enemies and climb up the world leaderboard.

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