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Highrise 4.0 early access

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We've created this unique beta application specifically for you to provide an opportunity to contribute to the development of the main Highrise application. Now is your chance to be part of our test program and evaluate all new features, updates and improvements before their official release.

The Highrise beta is not just an app, it's a platform where your voice is crucial. We strive to create an app that perfectly matches your needs and expectations. By utilizing beta testing, we can gain valuable data and feedback to help us make Highrise even better.

The main goal of our beta is to provide a clean slate for each test. Regularly cleaning up the application ensures that all tests conducted are as accurate and reliable as possible. We appreciate your participation and trust in our beta testing program.

Join us now to be part of the team impacting the future of Highrise. Your feedback will help us identify potential issues, improve functionality, and make our app even more innovative and user-friendly for you.

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