How to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi

How to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi

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15-12-2021, 17:12
At the moment you do not need permission to unlock the bootloader. All you need to do is register an MI account and perform a series of simple operations using a smartphone connected via USB to a personal computer.

Loader can be unlocked on both weekly (intended for developers) and stable firmware.

  1. The first thing you need to do is link your MI account to your smartphone/tablet (register with your phone number and log in).
  2. Necessarily disable Wi-Fi and activate the mobile data (Internet via SIM-card), and the number must be the one that was specified when registering the account. If you decide that you can use a different number, then later in the program MiFlashUnlock you will get an error message. If you have a tablet and it does not have a GSM-module, then tie the phone number to the account through the site using a computer.
  3. To activate the Developer Menu (if not already activated) you must go to - Device" - All options" and tap MIUI Version 8 times. If successful, you will see the caption: "You have become a developer!".
  4. Go to Settings" - "Advanced" - "For developers", or "Settings" - "Advanced Settings". - "For developers", click on "Mi Unlock Status" and then select "Link account to device". Once you bind, the timer will start counting down (the timer is only displayed in MiFlashUnlock).

    Attention! In the case of successful binding you should not enter and perform this operation again, because there will be reset and the countdown will start from the beginning.

    In some cases, to successfully unlock the bootloader, you must disable the screen lock with a fingerprint, a graphic key, a pin code or a password.

  5. Go to a computer that must have an uninterrupted Internet connection. Download and unzip the MiFlashUnlock program to your computer. It is worth noting that at the moment unlocking is only possible on software versions from 3.3.418.37 and above.
  6. Run the utility and click "Agree" in the start window.
  7. In the next window, enter your login and password for your registered MI account and click "Sign in".
  8. Turn off the smartphone/tablet. To enter the fastboot mode, you need to simultaneously press the "volume down" and "power" buttons, hold until the vibration and appearance of the brand logo with a bunny from Xiaomi.
  9. Return to the PC and connect the device in fastboot mode to the PC with a USB cable (preferably directly to the motherboard, not through the front ports on the system unit of your PC), and then click on "Unlock"
  10. If you follow each step of the instructions correctly, the progress bar will reach 99% and the program will show the message "Please unlock 250 hours later. And do not add your account in MIUI again, otherwise you will wait from scratch." (the number may vary, depending on the time passed after linking the phone to the MI account in the Developer Menu).
  11. You're good, all that's left is to wait for the counter to reset. Unfortunately, this process cannot be bypassed, let alone accelerated. At the same time you can close the program on the PC, and the device can be started (hold the power button until reboot). It should be noted that you should not exit the account on the phone, exactly the same as to change the firmware / perform a factory resetsettings.
  12. After the specified time, you need to run MiFlashUnlock again and repeat steps 6 to 9. If successful, the program will show 3 green ticks, which means only one thing - the bootloader is unlocked.
  13. Check this in the Developer Menu if you go to Mi Unlock Status, you will see a message that the device is unlocked. Also, starting from version 9 of MIUI, you can see the word "unlock" on the black background when you turn the device on.
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    Mereana Mordegard
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    Бестолковая инструкция. Телефон не включается. Бесконечно горит логотип Redmi и сверху открытй замок.