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TickTick:To Do List & Calendar
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Optimized Task Addition Experience:
- The Quick Add popup now features a new visual design, offering a lighter, more concise interface.
- Image, Template, and Full-screen functions have been moved to the "More" menu for enhanced convenience.

Premium features have been unlocked.

4.6(27 votes)


TickTick is a convenient, efficient and easy-to-use application for making and managing tasks. With the help of the program you will be able to: make a schedule plan, distribute the workload among your mentees, focus on something important, schedule appointments and much more. The application will allow you to squeeze the most out of your working day and put your affairs in order. Write down ideas that come to your mind, set goals, make plans, run errands and note habits. Whether you're working alone or in a team, the utility allows you to complete collaborative projects and share your shopping list with family or friends. With its intuitive design and tons of customizable features, you can easily add tasks, create reminders, and focus your attention only on what's important. You can easily synchronize your data with the web version, Mac or Windows PC to view and edit your goals regardless of your current location. You can create entries using either the usual typing, handwriting, or voice. In the settings, you can select the desired reminder period, which will allow you to meet the deadline and will not let you forget about the need to complete the tasks. The built-in calendar displays all schedules for the current days, weeks and months. If necessary, you can connect Google calendar and synchronize important dates and events from it. The habit tracker will keep track of useful habits and generate a list of them. If necessary, you can install a widget on your desktop to quickly manage tasks and switch between them instantly, choose the most convenient option for you and be productive.

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  1. Ольга Иванова
    Ольга Иванова
    27 October 2023 03:05
    Странно. Скачала у Вас приложение, но в нем нету активированного Premium, как было заявлено. Это очень печально.

    Может нужно куда то нажать?
    1. Андрей
      27 October 2023 03:41
      Вы скачали оригинал с сайта
      качайте по той кнопке, где написано MOD