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Idle Heroes Idle Heroes Idle Heroes Idle Heroes Idle Heroes

1.New Features:
Fantasy Arcade: Play a variety of games and experience a rich variety of challenges in Fantasy Arcade!
Void Hoard: New mode for Void Campaign
2.New Heroes:
Natalie, Doppelganger - Natalia, Betty, Therapist of Blood - Betty, Gaggie, Chaosbound Spirit - Gaggie
3.New Skins:
The Noble Brave, Magpie's Whisper, Floating Moon, Messy Cauldron Accident
4.Other Optimizations and Bug Fixes.

  • VIP 13;
  • Disabled passage of training;
  • Lots of money and gems;
  • All characters are open.

2.7(3 votes)


Idle Heroes is a role-playing game where you must assemble a squad of brave heroes and fight the forces of darkness. Summon ordinary, rare and legendary warriors, equip them and go to the portal leading to the dark dungeon. The game has several main modes: the campaign, divided into levels and offers semi-automated battles, where the first thing you need to staff and then go to the battlefield; arena with PvP battles, where the best gamers from around the world are fighting. Battles are as follows: the characters attack and take damage, increasing the energy level. When its level reaches a maximum, the unit can use one of the active skills in the next turn. Victories in battles bring experience points, coins, rare game currency and fragments of new heroes. Each hero belongs to a specific faction. Under the faction ratio, heroes deal 30% more damage and become 15% more accurate. Heroes of superiority have no advantages or vulnerabilities against heroes from other factions. You will need special material to upgrade your characters. It can be obtained in a very simple way, you only need to sacrifice heroes you are not using. At the local market for crystals you can buy scrolls that will unlock one of the brave heroes. Try to collect the entire collection of characters, go through the entire campaign and defeat the main villains. You'll also have a backpack full of items, artifacts, and gear. All of this should be used to enhance the characters and learn additional abilities. The forge is designed to synthesize unique and rare weapons (sharp blades, axes, bows, spears and magical staffs). Colorful cartoon graphics will please all RPG fans, and a rich selection of skins, the availability of pets, guilds and built-in text chat will not leave indifferent even true connoisseurs of classic role-playing games.

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