Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive
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Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive
(MOD + Unlimited Money) 1.9.9

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Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive

- New traffic
- Texture improve
- Optimizations

Buy a car to get a lot of money

5.8(6 votes)


Nextgen: Truck Simulator is a high-quality simulator for driving cars, trucks and other vehicles. There are two main modes in the game: campaign, divided into levels, where you need to perform various tasks, starting from parking in marked places and ending with passenger transportation; free run, where there are no restrictions, you can just drive around the city, explore it and if you want to take part in races for time and speed. Soon another mode will be added to the game - multiplayer, where gamers from all over the world will be able to interact with each other and take part in races. It is worth noting not only realistic physics, where both the weight of the car and its technical characteristics are taken into account, but also a large fleet of vehicles. You can drive both a heavy truck, which transports goods around the world, and a bus, jeep and even an armored car. The controls are virtual buttons on the edges of the display, the steering wheel or tilting your smartphone. Choose the most convenient way for you and enjoy. At the moment of the race, you can switch between the available cameras, watching the car from a first-person view, sitting in the cabin, third-person view or a bird's eye view. Moving along the city streets it is necessary to follow the speed limit and all the rules, turn on the turn signals in time, let pedestrians pass (yes, there are people here), do not drive through red lights and do not create accidents. You won't be able to modernize the technical part of the cars, but to repaint the body, change the light of the headlights and add protection to the front bumper - no problem. The game looks at least not bad, and HD-graphics with high detail, physics as close to real life as possible and dynamic change of weather conditions adds interest to the project.

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