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WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim
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Super WorldBox Super WorldBox Super WorldBox Super WorldBox

- stability improvements">## 0.22.20 - Trust me, these are important
- performance and stability improvements
## 0.22.21 - Premium update
- fixed: "disable premium" debug option did not automatically disable after 2nd restart, so some players thought they lost premium
- stability improvements

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  • Все разблокировано
  • Все открыто

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Create your own worlds and wield power in Super WorldBox! In this unique strategy freeplay game, you will become a great creator with power over the universe. You can help young civilizations succeed and prosper or bring them chaos and destruction. In Super WorldBox, life evolves continuously. Herds of beasts form settlements, pave roads and build bridges. You can help them create a powerful empire by supporting their construction and development. But you can also choose the opposite path and cause them irreparable harm. Dissolve the earth with acid rain or drop an atomic bomb - the choice is yours. Dive into the world of destructive forces and create various disasters. Call meteor showers, rage volcanoes, melt the earth with lava, cause tornadoes and geysers. Your possibilities are endless. Use subterranean worms and heat rays to control the processes of the world. You can cause disturbances, misfortunes and cataclysms. Watch how your empire copes with calamity, or witness its complete collapse. The experience of experimenting in your own world, a pixel world, is full of endless possibilities. This article and app review, written for, reveals the amazing aspects of the game created by the brilliant developer Maxim Karpenko. Super WorldBox is a great strategy game that will give you a unique gaming experience and allow you to have full control over your worlds. Don't miss the chance to become a god and explore the worlds of the world.

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  1. Инна Кравченко
    Инна Кравченко4598524
    6 December 2023 21:15
    Мод удален по просьбе разработчиков
  2. Pshna En
    25 October 2023 22:53
    "MOD info
    Все разблокировано
    Все открыто

    Для этого необходимо купить премиум"
    1. Андрей
      26 October 2023 00:41
      Увы увы, автор вынудил
  3. Иван Зиновьев
    Иван Зиновьzinovevivan
    24 October 2023 00:00
    Какие вы тупые посмотрите инструкцию
  4. Savva Konovalov
    Savva Konovalov savva
    21 October 2023 18:09
    Мод не работает!😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
    1. Андрей
      21 October 2023 22:08
      Мод удален по жалобам правообладателя
  5. Артем Люльченко
    Артем Люльченко
    19 April 2023 11:35
    мод работает?