Last Shelter: Survival
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Last Shelter: Survival

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Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival
Last Shelter: Survival

1. You can re-select the unit type when you upgrade the Mythic Flex Ability to Lv. 4
2. Claim-All button available for the Hourly Challenge, Clash of Zones, and Clash of Alliances chests
3. You can now see the icon of the unit type a hero leads on the Queue and Formation pages
4. Secondary password feature added for the Energy Lab

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Last Shelter: Survival is a top-down strategy game where you have to build a shelter and protect people from bloodthirsty monsters. You will have to save everyone who managed to survive, hire experienced warriors, train newcomers and go to clean up the territories from hordes of mutants and marauders. You can do it alone or together with other players, joining alliances. You are waiting for a huge variety of quests and tasks, regular events and valuable prizes in case of success. Your task is not just to survive, but also to restore the destroyed civilization, building small towns, and later entire megacities. Explore locations, collect resources, learn new technologies and take part in battles for the life and future of an entire generation. Each hero in the game is unique and belongs to a certain faction. To survive, you will have to pump their abilities, strengthen the walls of the settlement and skillfully command an army of experienced warriors, giving thoughtful orders.

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