FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일
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FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일

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FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일FIFA Mobile KR - FC 모바일

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New horizons in the world of soccer! November's game enhancement updates have brought a revolution to Manager Mode. Overall decision making and AI play are now smarter, taking your experience to the next level. With improved passing speed, you can enjoy true flow when attacking, and accurate and efficient player strikes will lead to more goals.

Bug fixes have made the game even smoother and more fun to play. Head shots and kicks are now executed at a moderate speed, saving you from unnecessary unwarranted momentum. Joystick controls have become more responsive and lags are a thing of the past. In attack mode, players will now always be in position, ready for new opportunities.

Gameplay improvements have given realism to the performance of tall players in the areas of dribbling, pace, shooting and passing. Physical strength now feels more reasonable, affecting running and ball handling. The standards for displaying physical strength and stamina have been adjusted for better player perception.

Don't miss your chance for an updated FC Mobile experience!

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