DarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2Ray
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DarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2Ray

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DarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2RayDarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2RayDarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2RayDarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2RayDarkTunnel - SSH DNSTT V2Ray

- Fixed unable to detect internet connection
- Change default http ping url to

Please change your http ping url to “” to fix unable to detect internet connection issue. Or, just uninstall (backup if yo want), then install again from playstore.

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Welcome to an innovative application that opens up your tunnel server behind the firewall, giving you freedom and security in the online world. Our application provides unique options for selecting tunnel type, transport network and input mode to adapt to your needs and provide an optimal user experience.

SSH: A powerful and versatile tunnel for secure data transfer.
SSH over DNSTT (SlowDNS): Improved speed and efficiency using DNSTT over SSH.
VMess: An advanced tunnel for secure and fast data transfer.
Less: A lightweight and fast tunnel with minimal stress on the system.
Trojan: A hidden tunnel that provides privacy and anonymity.
Shadow Socks: Secure and anonymous connection via shadow socks.
Custom V2Ray Configuration: A personalized approach to meet your unique requirements.
TCP: Transparent and secure connection via proxy server.
Web Socket: Innovative way to transfer data via web socket.
gRPC: A performance transport network for efficient data transfer.

This app is designed with your security and convenience in mind. Choose the right tunnel type, customize the transport network and input mode according to your preferences. All this is available in one app that guarantees reliability and efficiency in your online experience. Download the app now and experience the freedom of unlimited internet access!

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