Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival
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Blackout Age: RPG Map Survival

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Эра Затемнения: Выживание Эра Затемнения: Выживание Эра Затемнения: Выживание Эра Затемнения: Выживание

What's new?
- New monster - Melengpu
- New encounters (short scenarios)
- New portraits added

9.5(2 votes)


Age of Blackout: Survival is a survival adventure simulator with RPG elements using your current location. The actions of the game unfold in the world of post-apocalypse, where creepy monsters and mutants roam the streets, eating people. The simulator is based on the real map, where the current position of players on the global map of the world is taken into account. You must gather a squad of survivors and help them hold out as long as possible. You need to develop the shelter, give orders, explore locations and, if necessary, fight with monsters. Collected resources and materials will be used to make weapons, tools, various spare parts and defense turrets. Battles are done in a turn-based format, where first the player attacks, having previously chosen a weapon, and then the monster. Try not to expose the survivors to great danger and timely leave the gloomy locations, do everything to increase the squad, and the shelter improved and prospered.

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