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Niffelheim Niffelheim Niffelheim Niffelheim Niffelheim Niffelheim Niffelheim

1. New system of experience and character pumping. You can pump the four main characteristics of the character.
2. Character selection within the game.
3. You can edit the player's name within the game.
4. Resurrect the player for gold coins.
5. Gaining experience for quests and daily tasks.
6. Hedgehog health is adequate:)
7. Reduced critical damage from mobs, but still avoid bosses until you pump your character.
8. Updated Asian texts and fonts
9. Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Full Version.
  • Freezing enemies.

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Niffelheim is a side-scrolling adventure RPG about a brave warrior. Play as a glorious warrior who has fallen in battle. According to ancient legends, those who died in battle go to Asgard, but the soul of the protagonist fell into a harsh world called Niflheim. Try to survive in a dangerous world, build your own fortress, loot for profit, explore dungeons filled with bloodthirsty monsters and treasures, and find your way to Valhalla.
In the afterlife, new challenges await you to prove to the gods that you are worthy of a better life. Death, darkness and bitter cold did not frighten the brave warrior when he was alive, and they will not frighten him now. Search for resources, stock up on warm clothing and explore new territories. Found bones, skins of killed animals and sharp teeth can become your weapons and strong armor. Keep your enemies at bay and smash everyone who gets in your way. Complete deadly quests and engage in unequal battles with the priests of death. To return to Asgard you need to find all the pieces of the ancient portal, unite them and then go to rest.
Naturally, this is not an easy task, on your way there will be giant spiders, stone giants and evil things. To survive you will have to not only kill and hunt, but also prepare potions from herbs and killed worms. They will make you stronger and prepare you for the final battle with the boss. In the deepest and darkest dungeons you can find not only your death, but also powerful artifacts, with them your warrior will become invincible. In addition to the open world and a huge set of tasks, the players are waiting for a magnificent painted picture with gorgeous animation and interesting physics of battles. The control is classic for many action rpgs, virtual joystick, a set of buttons and inventory.
Start your way to eternal glory and life in Asgard, do not stop there and move only forward.

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