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No Way To Die: Survival
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No Way To Die: Survival No Way To Die: Survival No Way To Die: Survival No Way To Die: Survival No Way To Die: Survival No Way To Die: Survival

  • You can now visit two new locations.
  • One is The Stone Wasteland, where you can find plentiful supplies of stone and enemies to fight.
  • The second is a dangerous Swamp, easy to get lost in. Somewhere inside, you can find military cargo.
  • We have also worked to optimize the game client and fixed some bugs.

  • Unlimited number of bullets
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited money

6.6(14 votes)


No Way To Die is a survival adventure in a world filled with bloodthirsty mutants. Go to the world after the apocalypse and help the main character to survive the worst days of his life. Play as a special agent, who escaped to the surface of the earth from a bunker with the sole purpose of exploring the world for living creatures. No one expected that because of the huge asteroid, which moved toward Earth will occur such strong changes, resulting in the emergence of symbiotes. Players are encouraged to explore vast areas, find and collect useful resources to create tools, weapons, clothing and shelter. Be careful, except for the bloodthirsty mutants in the game you may come across looters and other players, some are in a friendly mood, while others will attack at the first opportunity. Just like in the real world, the protagonist needs clean water and food. Look for and collect mushrooms, berries, hunt wild animals and roast meat on the fire. Remember that you can die not only from mutant bite, but also from hunger and thirst. Gathering resources is an important part of the game, you need to roam around, cut down trees, mine ores and inspect abandoned crates with cars, inside there is something that can save your life. You can't last long without crafting, you can create items of equipment, armor, weapons, as well as defensive structures, traps that can help protect your home from unwanted guests. Defending the shelter, exploring new territories and destroying enemies affect the current character level.

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  1. Данил Бетев
    Данил Бетев
    31 January 2022 16:44
    Где кеш?
    1. nsd
      31 January 2022 18:12
      У меня встречный вопрос. Вы хоть скачивали игру и запускали её?) Она не требует загрузки дополнительных ресурсов после установки.