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Boxing Stars
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Boxing Stars Boxing Stars Boxing Stars Boxing Stars Boxing Stars Boxing Stars Boxing Stars Boxing Stars

• Add New Megapunch
• Add Gym Preset System
• Add Training Stage
• Improvements In UI And Convenience

Lots of in-game currency.

6.8(6 votes)


Boxing Stars is an interesting boxing simulator with street fights, cool design, full-fledged plot and real-time matches. The project will appeal not only to boxing fans, but also to everyone who loves fighting games, yes, there are no kicks here, but the developers tried to add cool techniques and abilities for each of the fighters. The game offers the following modes: story campaign, master league, group match, elimination and events. The plot tells about the main character, who watched his favorite boxers on TV while in the gym. He has a dream - to be in the professional ring, fighting for the title of champion in the heavyweight division. This is the beginning of the character's difficult path, which awaits street fights, training and gradual rise in the career ladder. Start with illegal fights on the streets of the city and continue your way to the heights of boxing. Game mechanics in a way repeats MORTAL KOMBAT, but with some peculiarities and additions. Swipes and taps on the edges of the display are used as controls, which are responsible for making maneuvers and precise strikes on the opponent's body. The one who first sends his opponent to knockout wins. Successful performances in the ring bring game currency, chests and cards with new characters. Training is very important, they should not be missed, as in the future will not be able to compete with other fighters on equal terms. Pump up strength, endurance and speed, learn the basic blows and various combinations, making your way to glory. Money can be spent on inventory, and on the main character's clothes, house, car and other little things that will allow you to stand out in the gray crowd.

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