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CarX Drift Racing 2
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CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2

Overall optimization and bug fixes.
In this update:
- New Year event;
- Activities in online rooms: collecting DP and tandem Ghostride;
- Multiplayer Time Attack mode and a tutorial chapter of the campaign;
- Cars: the Ronin GT and Quaranta;
- Body kits for the Horizon GT4 and Wellington;
- Improvements to ranked XDS duels: racing history and the option for a rematch;
- Engine rebalancing for tier 5 cars.

  • Lots of silver and gold.

6.5(111 votes)


Cool racing simulator in drift style! Piling sideways on the coolest cars, score points and compete with other players who has a longer spoiler! Tuning your swallow that would go faster, change to summer tires that would slide better, put a long muffler that would make a louder noise!
In the game there is a deep and flexible car tuning, feel like a real drift master, because the main thing is not only to drive the car, but also to adjust it correctly! In addition to improving the internal parts, the game features tuning dodger, bumpers, spoilers, sills and much more affects the aerodynamics and downforce! We should not forget about the wheels, which play a not insignificant role.
After we made our drift corch in CarX 2 and put on it all the best details thanks to the game, we should choose the track on which we will give side, it is important to take into account the weather, because on a wet road slides better, but keep the wheelbarrow harder, do not forget! Gain as many drift points as possible to get valuable awards and move on in the drift championship, and the further you go, the harder the opponents and more powerful their cars, so hone your drifting skills.

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  1. Лёня Гарбузюк
    Лёня Гарбузюк
    1 August 2021 00:16
    Здравствуйте а куда нужно кеш распаковать?
  2. ginkohc koliman
    ginkohc koliman
    29 June 2021 10:44
    Что если игра не запускается? И пишет снизу типа
    "Пожалуйста чекните app permissions Рестарт game и там что-то ещё
    1. Андрей
      29 June 2021 12:26
      Ты кеш не забыл? И не забывай что нужно еще удалить оригинал
  3. Сергей Z
    22 May 2021 05:38
    Всем привет. Проблемка такая: серебро и голда есть, а мод меню нет. Разрешения для приложения включены.
    Смарт: Samsung Galaxy A51
    1. Андрей
      22 May 2021 09:01
      В этой версии игры меню не завезли, только деньги
      1. Сергей Z
        24 May 2021 14:12
        А есть инфа, как боксы с двигателями замутить?
        1. Андрей
          24 May 2021 15:15
    22 April 2021 22:32
    А куда кэш арспаковывать?
  5. Нуржан Аскаров
    23 March 2021 23:59
    Выйдет мод на бесплатные покупки двигателей для свапа?
    1. Андрей
      24 March 2021 02:26
      уже добавляю на сайт

      все, качай и наслаждайся
      мод много денег