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VK iMod
6.4 Release

  • Version
    6.4 Release
  • Requires Android
    5.0 and up
  • Size file
    38 Mb
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    157 069
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VK iMod VK iMod VK iMod VK iMod VK iMod

  • Dark VK theme (unlocked and slightly modified)
  • VKTracker almost completely cut out
  • Fixed crash in main settings
  • Cutted very many unnecessary checks, which only clogged up the code
  • Changed design of SplashScreen (startup screen) - now it is dark and has slightly different logo
  • Improved application performance (startup and jumping through screens)
  • Moved to version 3507
  • Redesigned settings screen
  • Emphasis on stability and speed
  • Checkboxes have been added (donate)

  • Frequent modification updates;
  • Offline music;
  • Disable recommendation of friends in the feed;
  • On/Off feed updates;
  • Download tracks in mp3;
  • Turn on invisible message reading mode;
  • Disable ads; 
  • Removed music listening limit;
  • Remove tracking services VKK.
  • Ability to show the keyboard immediately when opening a chat;

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A client of the VK social network in iOS design. It has many unique and useful features that are missing from the official application. A dream for those who have always wanted an Apple device, the interface is beyond praise. Completely secure client that is based on the latest version of the official VK. Quite a rich feature, nice design and most importantly, is listening to music vkontakte without any restrictions, you can also download music in mp3 format in any folder on your phone. At this client often go updates and add a bunch of useful features and fix possible bugs.

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  1. Аристарх Аккерман
    Аристарх Аккерман
    26 December 2022 07:23
    Стикеры показываются только в подсказках, и даже от туда они не отправляются, как исправить?
  2. Timmy Otoole
    Timmy Otoole
    29 November 2021 10:17
    При включении музыки вылетает, как это исправить?
    1. Андрей
      29 November 2021 12:47
      Что за телефон
  3. Арто Партак
    Арто Партак
    9 October 2021 13:48
    При включении музыки вылетает, как это исправить?
  4. Denis Kalugin
    Denis Kalugin
    28 August 2021 03:12
    Дорогой разработчик почему когда я в imob включаю музыку у меня imod вылетает помогите решить проблему.
  5. Ангелина Дурманова
    Ангелина Дурманова
    9 May 2020 17:26
    Как скачать музыку? При нажатии на иконку "скачать" кидает на приложение BOOM.